3 things to feel good about & one last request.

Hey ReNewton Nation friends,


Three things to feel good about today.
 1. The Newton Business Improvement Association is up and running!  Philip Aguirre from the landmark Old Surrey Restaurant in the heart of downtown Newton is the executive director.
We’re excited  to see what events the NBIA has planned for the DT core.
2. The pay parking that was in place for the last few years on the 7300 block of 137th St. has been eliminated. You now have 2 hours free  parking. This was something the business owners had fought hard for. Already there is more foot traffic on the sidewalk and in the shops and that’s a good thing for everyone. Well done! And thank you to Councillor Judy Villeneuve who had a key role in this change.
3.  The people of  Newton, an area that emcompasses Sullivan Heights, Panorama Village, Strawberry Hill as well as Hyland and Panorama Northwoods are coming together as one voice.
They are demanding that attention be paid to our downtown core and the south King George corridor. This neighbourhood has been forced to absorb a disproportionate number of socio-correctional services and facilities with nothing positive given in return. 
The effects of this shift in demographics has been startling for this long time south Newton resident to witness. While other areas of Surrey get new multi million dollar recreation facilities and upgrades, Newton, with the largest population in  the city, is left to make do with inadequate and aging buildings. Now we hear that the top priority for rapid transit won’t be  south along King George, but east  along 104th Ave. Newton residents deserve better than this, and they are coming out of the woodwork to have their say.
These taxpayers aren’t going to sit back and allow places like the boarded up gaming and retail complex at King George, 70th Avenue and Hall Road to sit abandoned for 16 years.
That’s how long the public market property on 64th Avenue and King George  has stood ( barely), unoccupied and rotting

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