A Note of Thanks….

Just a brief note prior to Saturday’s election day in Surrey.
There are worthy people on all slates and dedicated independents who faced an uphill battle.  A few months ago I gave an open invitation to all candidates to come to my south Newton neighbourhood of Panorama Northwoods and join me on a little tour. I wanted to show the dramatic changes in my community over the past years.  I wanted to show how rampant development has impacted our neighbourhood. I also wanted to show the parts of  downtown Newton that often go overlooked. We have the best deli in the city Greco’s, the most amazing art, craft gift and toy store DeSerres and the city’s highest rated fine dining restaurant The Old Surrey Restaurant
But, the truth is the last decade hasn’t been kind to Newton in many ways and that needed to be acknowledged and really seen and explained firsthand.
  These candidates came to my home, walked through our woods and got to see  up close what our neighbourhood’s concerns are.
Thank you to:
Council candidates:
Darlene Bowyer, 
Vera LeFranc,
Martin Rooney,
Beau Simpson 
and Judy Villeneuve
Mayoral  candidate: 
Barinder Rasode 
Whatever the outcome is at the end of the day tomorrow, I think the message has gotten through loud and clear.
Newton is worth it. 
The people who live in this, the largest  town centre in all of Surrey deserve and have waited for a bright new future. 
Let’s hope they get it.

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