Casino Royale

Tonight Surrey city council hears the second night of  speakers for and against the proposed casino plans for south Surrey.
Whichever way the vote goes, it has an impact here in South Newton.  If the casino is approved for  south Surrey, it looks as though Bingo Country (at Hall Rd and King George ) will be gone (Gateway will be moving the license to the new complex).
That’s good news.
A new retail complex is needed and very much wanted by the booming population in the Hyland, Sullivan Heights and Panorama community.

If the casino proposal doesn’t go through it means that  the bingo hall and the slots, which despite much protest from the community were allowed by council  on a “temporary basis” will stay.

It’ll be interesting to see how this goes. Will council listen to the wishes of the south Surrey community and vote no, and if so, why didn’t they listen to the voices of Newton residents over  the same issue. Time will tell if there are different rules for different areas of Surrey.

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