Central City Skyline

The Central City tower is destined to become THE identifying landmark in the heart of the rapidly developing Surrey Downtown neighbourhood.
 In the same way that  anyone anywhere seeing the Harbour Centre building in a photo or painting of Vancouver’s skyline immediately knows exactly which city they’re looking at, soon anybody seeing an image of  the iconic roof top  “whoosh”  will know that THIS is Central City.
The curving rooftop and welcoming outdoor plaza are truly a gem in the heart of our expanding city. If you’ve never been inside this part of the complex do yourself a favour. It’s a marvel of architecture and design. The wood beams alone are worth the trip. Many people say the interior reminds them of a ship which
I believe is exactly what architect Bing Thom had in mind.
  You can relax on the patio of the Central City Brewing Companyrestaurant and pub, sip one of their award-winning brews, and enjoy the simple pleasure of  people watching on the outdoor plaza.
 This is a great place to be!
Central City Tower by Lamplight
Photo by Jude Hannah

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