Don’t Worry Surrey. Everything will be okay. Until it’s not.

Was away from Surrey for most of today and a bit off the grid.

Came back to find out that another drive by shooting had occurred not far from my home and just steps from Panorama Ridge Secondary School  just before  the school’s lunch hour. This has got to stop.

We need to address this insanity before an innocent person gets hurt. Can we do that this time?
The first step to fixing a problem is acknowledging that a problem exists.

Surrey, we have a problem.
We don’t need to  point blame right now. Let’s just admit that something is very wrong in this city and get to work on solutions.
Burying our heads in the sand isn’t working.
Painting everything with sunshine and rainbows isn’t helping.
We all need to come together and talk about this like rational adults. A city isn’t a business. A city is made up of people. Can we make decisions that are in the best interest of the people who call this city home?
Surrey, we have a problem.

It’s like parents knowing their teen has a drug problem  but refuse to deal with it because,

” what will the neighbours think?”
surrey crime
Let’s stop this insanity and just do it.
And this time please, please,  can we address this issue head on before another family is devastated by  a tragedy that might have been prevented, if only someone had had the courage to say enough already.

One resident’s recent tweet:
Don’t feel safe driving around my community anymore. 
Every resident of #SurreyBC is a victim of these shootings, our safety is being robbed.

Surrey, We Have a Problem.

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