Festival Street and Parking Meters in Downtown Newton? Time for Action.

Some time ago the City of Surrey decided to install pay parking meters on 137th St. in downtown Newton.
Most,  if not all  businesses on the street didn’t ask for this and would like them removed.
 There are other options to limit “overstays”.  For example, have a 2 hour limit and and enforce it. Let’s encourage more activity not less, along what council has promoted in the media one year ago as  ” Festival Street ”  And the downtown core is  a jewel compared to what
The King George strip between 62nd and 68th  Avenues looks like.

So far nothing has been done to start revitalizing an area that many of you are calling New Whalley or Surrey’s own Downtown Eastside.

Take a walk from downtown Newton along King George down to 64th Avenue and see what The Future of Surrey looks like from Surrey-Panorama’s viewpoint.
How about it Mayor Watts and council?

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