For the Victims, The Ripples of Crime Never Stop

There is so much here in our neighbourhood to take pleasure in, but we also have to acknowledge the fact that bad things do happen here. They happen everywhere.  
So,  in an effort to keep  readers informed, here you go.

Just a reminder.
Yosef Jomo Gopaul, the person accused in the killing of Julie Paskall at the  arena in Surrey is scheduled to make another court appearance tomorrow morning  at 9:30.

 At his last appearance,  I looked around the courtroom, and other than Julie’s husband and her best friend, I did not see  anyone from the general public. If you can, please support the family and let them know we haven’t forgotten them. Imagine if this were your family.

204662-1 GOPAUL, YOSEF Jomo 1 Surrey Provincial Court 15-Jul-2014
09:30 AM
I attended this morning and again, no one but Julie’s husband and her best friend were there. It’s difficult for me to look at the face of the person accused of this heinous crime and I can only imagine how awful it was for Al Paskall.
 He and Julie would have celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary next week.

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