From Vacant to Vibrant. An Arts District for Surrey?

ReVisting ReNewton’s  ReVitalization Goal….
Close your eyes and imagine this…
A vibrant corner in the heart of your city. Cafes, Shops, Music, Galleries,  FOOD!  and maybe a craft brewery or wine shop. Lots of retail, and live/work spaces above for artists and crafts people.
 A community hub for the rainbow of ethnicities who call this place home. One of the most appealing aspects of living in Newton is its cultural diversity. Perfect for an International Village type environment.
 And, as so many of you  are telling us,  the return of the much loved farmers/public market of the 80s!
The cries to bring the market back are heard everywhere we go!
Now imagine this for the stretch of King George Blvd between 6oth and 74th Avenues  in the South Newton area of Surrey. Maybe the promised “Festival Street” could  become a magnet for young musicians and artists. Live/Work spaces, music and art studios anyone?
 The absolute smack-dab heart of Surrey.
 Right now it’s still a dream, but  it could become a reality.  When I met with urban planning guru Ellen Dunham-Jones  last year at Simon Fraser University she encouraged us to ” keep on fighting”to Retrofit Suburbia
All it takes is bit of community spirit, a few dollars and decision makers with a vision and a mindset to think ever so slightly ‘out-of-the-box’
Imagine ….
not just for artists
One city’s plan to create a vibrant arts+retail hub
Public gathering space – a place where ideas and community live,. A busy place is a SAFE place!
What one community did- notice any difference?
 If you support ReImagining, ReCreating and ReVitalizing Newton, 
consider yourself officially a member of ReNewton Nation


Vacant building on the King George has sat empty for 18 years


Newton got the slots back in 2012. They are slated to be removed soon.
* Slots have since been removed.

The King George is in need of a suburban retrofitting intervention!

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