Grooving at The Grove….

Putting a Smile on Someone’s Face is One of the Kindest Things You Can Do…

If you happened to be  near the Newton Rec Centre & Wave Pool area on Saturday morning, you may have spotted these friendly characters here and there.

A few community minded individuals wanted to make the cloudy cool morning a wee bit brighter for anyone who might have needed a bit of cheering up.
Mission Accomplished.

Queen of Surrey ?
Talking with the folks who use the paths through the grove. Good to see community safety officer on the beat.
Community safety officer stopped by for a chat!


” I think I’m being followed”


“Luke, I am Your Father….”
Little Red Riding Post?


Time for a Trim?

Stay tuned. 
You just don’t know where these guys 
(and hopefully some of their friends ) will turn up next… 

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