Have a Happy & Safe “Long” Weekend Surrey!

Although Canada Day isn’t til Tuesday many of you are planning to take Monday off work and make it an extra long, long weekend.
 Have fun, stay safe and as my son’s elementary school principal was fond of saying,
“Make smart  decisions” 
Even if you’re all grown up, that’s still good advice.
If you’re travelling, take your time…
If you’re out on the water , please wear a life jacket
 and if you’re having a drink or two, don’t drive or go with anyone who has been.
It always breaks my heart when I hear about young people drowning or being in accidents on this first  true weekend of the summer.
So,  boys and girls, that’s your public service announcement for today!
and ….
Have A Wonderful Canada Day.
 This is the best country in the world.
Celebrate being Canadian. 
Surrey always does Canada Day in style. 
Lots to see and do at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds.
Multi-Cultural Murals at the Newton Community Centre.



Can you see the Maple Leaf?

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