How about International Village for Newton?

Time to think outside the box and build something wonderful that ALL  of Surrey residents can feel good about!

What now for Downtown Newton?
Some thoughts…

Holland Park in Downtown Surrey is home to the Fusion Festival, a popular annual event that   thousands  of families enjoy every year.  Always a wonderful opportunity to showcase our city’s amazingly diverse cultures and nationalities.

 Last summer we attended  with 3 kids from Mexico who said the best thing by far was the delicious food! They  enjoyed the chicken satay with peanut sauce so much that I had to make my version of it for dinner  later that evening! Got everybody talking about how great it would be for Surrey and in particular Downtown Newton to showcase  our multi-culturalism  for more than  just a few weekends a year.  Newton  has the largest population in Surrey many of whom are immigrants bringing with them their own unique gifts and artistic skills.
Wouldn’t it be great to see Downtown  Newton transformed into an International Village? Imagine the food!    We’d love to see a farmer’s market  that caters to everyone’s cultural heritage.
Bringing cultures together is  what builds a strong community and contributes to
 healthy, safe and vibrant neighbourhoods. 
What do you think?
Mother and son shopping at open air marketplace
International Village for Newton?

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