In Remembrance

At 4:45 this evening,  a small, brief and quiet gathering will be held in The Grove in downtown  Newton.  We will be coming together to honour the life of Julie Paskall, who was attacked  outside the Newton Ice Arena one year ago tonight. This is meant to be a time of quiet, thoughtful reflection: Not a time for blame or politics or controversy. Some will bring poems. Others will share a special reading. For some of us, the senseless attack on Julie was deeply personal. We ask for the media’s respect and understanding.

For those who wish to attend, please bring  tealights or candles if possible and if desired, flowers.
We plan to walk from the Grove to the memorial site afterward to place flowers and candles. 
We will conclude  before 5:30.

Thank you
Update:  Thank you to all who attended the intimate gathering this afternoon. A very special thank you to the Paskall family members who joined in. You are all very brave. We share your pain, and we will not forget your mom.

One year later
One year later


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