Keep Your Human Paws off Surrey’s Salmon Please!

 Judging from an encounter I had yesterday while walking through our neighbourhood park, it appears we might very well need to do a little public awareness campaign on the importance of Surrey’s many salmon spawning streams. I am fortunate to have one just steps from my back yard gate.
 Three men were walking along the trail through the park, one of them carrying a large fishing net. We started a friendly conversation and they told me they were on their way to scoop up the salmon  they’d spotted earlier.
One of them said they done this before. I explained why it wasn’t such a great idea and that we needed the salmon to lay their eggs and that it was hey, kind of important, ya know?
The circle of life and all that jazz.

And besides, these fish are not what you might call ‘fresh catch of the day’. They’re banged up and so close to mush it would take a braver soul than me to chow down on one of these Coho.


After our little chat they turned around and walked out of the park. I sincerely hope they won’t try that again.
  After all, a female salmon can lay up to 5000 eggs and that’s a lot of fish in our coastal waters.

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