Newton. Why We Stay.

Just wanted to share a little bit more about what makes our neighbourhood special.  Some people  seem to have a great deal of trouble understanding why we stay in Newton.
Newton is full of parks and creeks, most of them salmon spawning streams.   When my son was little our daily walk to school was not along a busy street  but through this park and over two foot bridges. It was idyllic, and remains one of my most treasured memories of those days.


Our cul de sac is a little United Nations of cultures. Best part? Seeing the kids all playing together. Second best? The food we regularly share !


 You want variety? Check out the Filipino grocery store on 137th, Greco’s Mediterranean  and several  Vietnamese restaurants.



Prabu Sweets is a favourite for samosas and Indian sweets.


The community is looking forward to food trucks coming this summer to the Wave Pool  area near The Grove.


DeSerres Art and Craft supply store has been open for about a year and has everything to soothe your creative soul. Gorgeous store. Check it out near 76th and King George.

My neighbours are the  best.  Everyone pitches in to take care of our neighbourhood.
Brainstorming session at the Grove prior to the inaugural event on May 3rd which was a resounding success.


Little ballerinas at work
Eyes on the Street!
Friends of The Grove Love-In for Newton 


Children don’t care what colour their friends are or where they were born, they just want to play.

The Grove is a perfect venue for impromptu  jam sessions. You just might be seeing a piano there one day soon….


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