Pop UP Newton Art Walk- Fall 2015

A few pics from the Pop -Up Newton Art Walk held earlier this fall. It was a magical night and one that we hope will be repeated again and again. Stop by the AGENT C Gallery Thursdays and Saturdays 12-4 to see some wonderful art and then stroll farther north to check out the Cabinets of Curiosity. Grab a coffee and treat at Espresso Cafe while you’re at it. Maybe pick up some authentic Filipino food at the tiny grocery just steps away?
Lots to enjoy on this 2 block stretch in downtown Newton. 7300 block of 137th Street north toward 74th Avenue.
The most important thing to remember when talking about revitalization is that the community has to support local businesses with their dollars! Bemoaning businesses closing is hypocritical if you never frequented the establishment. We’re all in this together. It means so much to our local economy and the quality of life here in the downtown area. Please, as the holidays approach, spend your dollars here in the neighbourhood. Thanks!

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