Retrofitting Suburbia’s Dunham-Jones @ SFU Surrey

Update: Last night  we heard Ellen Dunham-Jones speak at Simon Fraser University in  Surrey. It was exciting and encouraging to see what can be done to the aging suburbs with just a little vision, some forward thinking and  the willingness to allow change to come to the neighbourhood.

The condensed  TED Talks video link below gives an excellent summary of the potential of the suburbs.

We need to let them grow up!

Original post:

For any resident, government official or business person interested in the future of the their community,  Retrofitting Suburbia by Ellen Dunham-Jones and June Williamson is a must read.
Ellen Dunham-Jones  will be giving a lecture  at  Simon Fraser University -Surrey Campus on the evening of Thursday Feb 7th

SFU “Retrofitting Suburbia” Lecture info here

She will aslo be taking part in an all day symposium Beyond Downtown   at UBC on Friday Feb 8th.

Have a look at  a  short TED Talks presentation  with Dunham-Jones and her unique take on what decades of suburban sprawl and short-sighted planning has meant for the suburbs. She addresses smart and in many cases easy and inexpensive ways to turn a place around.    Watch video here

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