What is my favourite part of Surrey? This!

When I’m asked what I like about Surrey and why I choose to  live here, and it is a choice, without dropping a beat I  shout out, the people!  Forever curious, I love to find out all about people, especially those that were not born and raised here. Maybe it’s the fact that both my parents have fascinating and in my father’s case heartbreaking immigrant stories.
The multi-cultural  Fusion Festival  is probably my favourite weekend in the city.
A little global village right here at home.
    A few images and moments from yesterday
                                  at Surrey Fusion Festival.
Hey Ocean! performed. Love this band!

I talked to a few women from Nigeria yesterday.
So full of life and the colour…. oh my, I want to dress like this! The one on  the right? Sooo beautiful!
Ran into two of Surrey’s best community minded citizens.
Happy to see Newton ‘s
art/craft/ home decor store DeSerres helping kids paint a big mosaic wall.
The sun came out!
More vibrant colour.
Seriously, I think I need a trip to Africa,  for the fabric alone.
Not sure if I could pull off this look but I love it!
This juggler was a crowd pleaser- have seen him several times at Granville Island and he’s always a big hit. 

At the end of the show he puts the torches out with his mouth. Ya, okay then… 

Crowd loved the juggler guy

Get out there and take in Day 2 of this fun event.
 Eat, dance, shop,  listen to some cool tunes and talk to people from literally all over the world. 
Full event information  here

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