What this place could look like…. Newton Now

For those who asked for more information regarding the Newton Town Centre Plans.
 Below is the link to the official document, and a few images of what this place could look like when the plans are implemented. 

 Newton residents from all neighbourhoods, including Panorama Ridge, Sullivan Heights and Panorama Village have been patiently waiting for the Town Centre to be developed. Now we see others parts of Surrey are being invited to open houses to showcase plans fortheir neighbourhoods. 
Newton residents, 140,000 strong are asking what about us

 Over the last few years the city of Surrey has maintained  that “Newton was Next”.  
Expanded recreation, arts and culture facilities are needed in Surrey’s fastest growing area. The families here deserve to have  the same calibre of amenities as other parts of this city. The business sector has done its part to step up and will continue to do so with the newly formed BIA. Now it’s the city’s time to make good on its commitment to create a liveable vibrant town centre in the heart of Surrey. 

 Newton Next? Let’s make it Newton Now.

Newton Town Centre Plans – Check it Out


Surrey’s population can handle several farmers markets throughout the city.


We’re a multicultural city- Let’s embrace that!



Public Spaces create Safe Places 


International Village for Newton /  Midtown Market?


Festival Street on 137th?


Public Markets are one of the things that makes a city great







We have lots of little ethnic specialty shops in Newton. Greco’s is just one!



Midtown Music Night ?


Official City of Surrey plan for 137th St ( Festival Street)


Newton businesses &  BIA is asking for pay parking to be removed on 137th St. Here’s why.


Great things can happen when we work together for the good of our city and its citizens.Newton Town Centre Plans – Check it Out

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