Will New Public Market Owners Mean a New and Exciting Place for Surrey Residents? Updated

The Surrey Public Market property at King George and 64th Avenue  has once again sold.

ReNewton and Friends are hopeful that with new owners, the residents of Sullivan Heights and Panorama Northwoods will finally be getting a  much desired shopping, dining, entertainment hub that  they’ve been waiting for.
Looks like a lot of condos are slated for this development as well. If this project is done correctly and with a vision for creating a neighbourhood gathering place, this is good news for the community. We will all be watching as things unfold over the next few months.
Latest ReNewton News in the Now Newspaper  The Vancouver Sun also picked up the story in greater detail here.

Will  we be saying goodbye to this?
A neighbourhood hub with a vibrant and international vibe would be perfect! We have such a diverse community here !

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