Will we (finally) be saying goodbye to this?

Well, it looks as though we may have a change of ownership at the southeast corner of King George and 64th Avenue in Surrey. Rumour has it  the property has once again changed  hands.
For  15 years  residents of Surrey, and travellers through this busy intersection, have been greeted with the dilapidated  eyesore seen below.  We can only hope that the new owner will take much needed action as soon as possible and create something wonderful for the growing South Newton area.
The Panorama Northwoods and Sullivan Heights  neighbourhoods are booming with trendy, new condos and townhomes,  home to a young urban demographic. What they’ve been yearning for is a vibrant community shopping  hub! Hopefully  one with an international feel complete with  cafes,  bakeries, veggie markets  and an urban artsy focus.
Perhaps even the return of the once booming, much loved public market!
 Let’s hope third time is a charm!

Current state of public market  building
Mixed use retail  plus residential complex- Looks great right?
Farmers markets are gaining popularity. Great  for any retail complex to incorporate one into its  plan
Sidewalks are for people!   How awesome would this be at the corner of KG &64th??
The Shops at Morgan Crossing is good example of mixed residential and retail
Ellen Dunham- Jones’ must read book

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